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On course for huge debts: how adult training 'colleges' could leave you deep in the red

Lending to cash-strapped students has been compared to the payday loans scandal.

There are few bigger recent stains on the finance industry than the payday loans scandal, which exploited some of the poorest in society until the Financial Conduct Authority watchdog capped interest charges.

Now there are fears that the scandal is being repeated in the adult training sector, with loans for courses being given to people who are already financially vulnerable. Read more 

Adult training college in data protection row with dissatisfied students....

New Trades Career refuses to hand over recordings that could show if false promises were made to students about courses.

An adult training college has been accused of withholding evidence that some students say could prove that they were misled into signing up for costly courses.

I’ve previously detailed here how former students of New Trades Career have complained about the quality of its courses, which they left without completing, lumbering them with large debts and no qualifications. Read more 

Student left with huge debt and no qualification slates distance learning college 24/7 Training UK 

The website of distance learning college 24/7 Training UK carries an impressive endorsement from television DIY expert Tommy Walsh.

He gushes about the huge job opportunities in the home energy renewables industry for anyone with plumbing and electrical qualifications, describing the training course as the "complete package".

"If you have the motivation and will to succeed, our proven programme will deliver the skills and qualifications for either a well-paid career or enable you to start a thriving business in this essential new generation industry," he says..... Read More 

Case study opportunity with The Mirror

TCC is currently in contact with JobsAware, a government-backed body established to tackle job fraud, to share information on the work we have been doing.

The Mirror has today published an article featuring people who have been unhappy with the training package they have been sold. Via JobsAware we have an opportunity for potentially more coverage on this subject, but they need people to come forward and be happy to speak to The Mirror journalist in a similar way to you see in the article here: The Mirror 

If you are happy to speak to The Mirror/JobsAware please let us know and we will forward your details for potential contact.

News just in..... Some training providers are being investigated by the FCA for failing its students and providing loans without following the correct affordability procedure.

TCC has won 25% of active cases!

Yes, that's right, we Trades Course Complaints have now actively won a total of 25% of cases, this is a monumental achievement. This obviously doesn't happen overnight. it takes the admin team countless of hours and emails to gain this achievement. Well done! 

*Unfortunately, we aren't able to post results of these cases due to NDA claims, we are working hard to source a way around this. Once we have achieved this, we will add the winning results here.

An industry award for TCC!

TCC and the team are so proud of this monumental achievement, we would like to thank every single person we have helped a massive thank you for your support. 

This was presented to our admin Thomas; he was so pleased that TCC was given this award for an industry champion. This was presented by NET, you can find out more about their mission here.

SkillELECTRIC success

Each year, the best electrical apprentices from across the UK take part in regional heats to compete for a place in the competition’s grand finale.

This year the UK finalists were celebrated at Tottenham Hotspur Football club, TCC was in attendance. Check out the NET website here.

Know Your Rights! 

As a consumer you have rights, it's important to know them and how you should use them. Firstly, you need to understand what your rights are, we have put together a summary to show you what's important to you and your potential complaint. Find out more here > Consumer Rights Act  

Beat the Scammers.....

In December 2020, there was an article published by "this is money" there has been a few occasions where we have regretted not listening to advice from others. Our advice it to actually read your contract and do lots of research prior to signing anything, especially if they are offering you a deal of a lifetime 

In this article it describes how someone paid 7k for three books and a DVD, in the article it also states a company *for legal reasons we shall not mention any names, this company has now ceased trading and changed their name to a new one, not too far off the one that's advertised. After doing some research it has come to light they there's a whole bunch of these companies and that they are all tied in together. 

After hours of extensive research and fact finding we are absolutely confident that in 2020 they didn't just disappear, they simply just changed their names. i would stay well clear of any of the finance groups that these collages offer as they are 99% tied into the companies that are *training* you. 

With this its factual and evident that these companies are not prepared to stop or change the ways of training, there is plenty of evidence to show that the companies in question are related, it's a matter of fact. with this we feel at TCC that things need to change. If you really do want to beat the scammers or you are unsure if the training provider is worthy, there's plenty of information on the web to help you. We at TCC are here to save you time we have already done most of the work and have massive list of companies that we would advise against.

Here's the signs to stay away.

If you wish to read the full article you can do so HERE.