Sample Library Letters  

We have a number of help documents available, please see the list below.

Infomation Rights Concern Template.docx

Use this template if you need to complain about your data and how its been handled. For example, someone or a company have used some of your data ( this can be a video or a phone conversation that was recorded by the company ) with out prior expressive permission from your self.

Letter to end contract due to poor work and _lost faith_.docx

This template is fully customisable to your situation, we would recommend using this if you are un happy with the services that the company have provided to you. If you require more information about this. please see this link here > Supply of goods Act 1982 

Subject access request GDPR template.docx

Use this template if you require a company to provide any data that they hold about or on you.

 you can also use this website > Rightly Rightly provides a free service to either reclaim your personal data or delete it.