Our Commitment to You...

We will endeavour to support as many people as possible. We are fully committed to ensure that you get the support from your training that you have paid for.

Why not join our DISCORD group, the signup is free, and as a bonus the advice is also free. 

We have been countlessly helping people who are locked into training contracts that were simply mis-sold in the first place. This could have been something like when signing up, you were promised a tutor or extra support, but later down the line this turned out not to be true. If this sounds like you or someone that in the same position, then click the link below to submit a report, one of our advisors will be in touch. 

Do you want to help others?

We are always open to more hands to support us. If you feel like you can offer your assistance to our cause, please get in touch though our social links or drop us an email. One of our friendly members will get right back to you. 

Do you need support?

We can offer 1-hour time slots to help with your worries. We are understanding and have most likely been through what you're going through right now. Send us an email and one of our friendly advisors will be in contact.

Worried about money?